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visitor online = user is online = user is inactive = user has left
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Hover your mouse over visitor icons to see each visitor's profile.
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Snapshot Analytics

What we call Snapshot Analytics means that you can use this visitor monitor to see all activity on your website in real-time.

Colored puppets represent individual visitors to your site.

Clicking on any puppet will take you directly to that person's clickstream through your site. That means that you can see every page the visitor clicked on, and how much time they spent on each page.

The clickstream starts with referrer information, meaning the search engine and search terms, online email program, or portal, directory, advertisement, campaign, etc that referred the visitor to you site.

Hover your mouse over a puppet to see the complete visitor profile, which includes;

  • Referrer / Search engine / Search term
  • Country / IP Address
  • City / ZIP / Postal / Area / DMA / Code
  • State / County / Region / Province
  • Company / Organization / ISP
  • Number of pages viewed / Number of visits / First and last measurement
  • Technical Specs / Browser / OS / Resolution

To The Click

What you are looking at is a graphic representation of mouse-clicks made on your site. Every click generates a signal which we collect. Why is that important? Because it allows you to understand how, why, and what your visitors are doing. Check how long pages are visited, why are some pages visited for only a few seconds. Are other pages more interesting? Why do some pages get more attention, and are your visitors doing what you expect them to do. Learn what you can by observation.

Summary of Effortless Overview

Hover: complete visitor profile

Click: drill-down to individual clickstream

Referrer: See what search engine and search terms were used

Behavior: See current page and how long visitors spend on each page

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