General faq

* What am I looking at when I login?

In the main information screen you are looking at a list of all (recent) visitors to your website. The visitors are presented in reverse chronological order. That means the most recent visitors are at the top of the list. There are three colors used;

Green puppets are on the site at the moment
Orange puppets have not clicked in the past few minutes and may be offline
Red puppets have not clicked for more than 10 minutes

* What else can I do? Hover and Click!

You can click on, and hover your mouse over any of the visitor puppets;

Hover: if you hover your mouse over a visitor puppet you will see their complete Visitor Profile

Click: if you click on any visitor puppet you will be taken to their complete clickstream

* Can I get in touch with my visitors?

No, your visitors remain anonymous. Footprint will identify returning visitors and show you what companies, governmental agencies, organizations and universities are visiting your site, however Footprint does not provide personal (contact) information.

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