Script faq

* How does it work?

Sign up with your site name and an email address. We will send you an email containing a line of html code (a javascript), to place in the source code of your site. As soon as you have placed the javascript into your site you will be able to watch your traffic live.

* Can I track dynamically generated pages?

As long as your pages are html and people access them through a browser, Footprint is able track your pages. TIP: insert the javascript in a dynamically generated footer for site-wide deployment in a few clicks.

What programming languages and content systems are compatible?

Footprint is compatible with almost every language and/or CMS system we know of. You either add our code to your template, the footer, or look for "insert html," "upload javascript," or something similar in the technical support pages of your host.

* Are there any known conflicts?

No documented conflicts at this time.

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